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Hot chocolate, Cher, and polka dots

I remember the first real dress I felt pretty in as a tween.  I was 11 or 12 perhaps.  It was red, my favorite color, with white polka dots and a pretty petite bow at the breast.  It had one-inch straps that showed off my freckled shoulders. The same silky ribbon was sewn at the… Continue reading Hot chocolate, Cher, and polka dots

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The Party

The air was dry and crisp and the cloud that escaped my mouth looked like the ones exhaled by the big boys when they smoked their Marlboros and threw free throws at the naked ring drilled into the neighbors utility pole. It was dark now well before 8 pm.  Many homes had turned their lights… Continue reading The Party

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Foul ball

I had size and heart and apparently was good enough to play the infield.  I played third and pitched and enjoyed the accolades for reasons other than being smart.   While the attention from the IHM nuns was flattering, it didn’t do me any favors outside of school.  I wanted to be cool.  I may not… Continue reading Foul ball