Sunflowers have always intrigued me;  their weight and importance — even from the seed.   They possess a strength and determination as they reach for sun each morning.  Their massive roots anchor a confident stance in the harshest wind while their regal air dominates the brightest day.    Packed with sometimes thousands of new seeds, the face bows gently to the weight of inevitable time eventually unleashing its seed for another birth.

A sunflower’s truth is timeless.   We can learn from those sun stills — those glimpses of light that reinforce our purpose and our strength.   Like the sunflower, we can turn our backs on the dark to reach for the brightest rays.  We can stand tall and be regal in our full height, looking for light and sowing seeds that feed a fertile soil around us.  Then when the end comes, bow gracefully and confidently with the warmth at our back confident in the seeds we’ve left behind to embrace that final, glorious bow.

This blog is inspired by the pride and strength of the sun flower.  Her determination to be seen and leave something beautiful behind.  I’ve experienced the wind at my face, , the forces of others pressuring me to bow.   But I am always reaching to feel the sun on my face, to stand tall in the face of the elements, until I choose the time to freely bow behind another strong flower of my own making.

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